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  • High quality Crate Washer Quotes,China Crate Washer Factory,Crate Washer Purchasing
  • High quality Crate Washer Quotes,China Crate Washer Factory,Crate Washer Purchasing

Crate Washer

Brand : Osaint

Product origin : Jinan China

Delivery time : 30 Days

Supply capacity : 100 Set

The Crate Washer with better cost performance,good effect and convenient maintenance get the customer's consistent high praise.

Automatic Crate Washer



Power (KW)

Overall Dimension(mm)

Power supply




380V, 50HZ


                                                                Crate Washer

                                                                Crate Washer

                                                                Crate Washer


Ideal equipment for poultry crate washing, used in poultry slaughtering production. Complete Crate Washing unit consists of crate washer, crate unloading frame, crate conveyor belt, no power corner and etc.

Stainless steel construction, Supplied with the height-adjustable feet

Stainless steel water tank for water circulation and High-pressure water washing room.

Stainless steel water tubes and spray nozzle, the nozzle of the angle is adjustable.

One set of the straight stainless steel chain conveying system

Matters need attention

1.Avoid drastic impact and shock, and should be in horizontal installing, fixed tightly for not moving during the transportation of the crate washer machine

2.With correct installation, the ground for the crate washer machine should be smooth, hard. Feet of the machine should be in same level.

3.Connect with the crate conveyor by using stainless steel light circle, with standard of passing crate successfully.

OsaintGroup has all kinds of automatic slaughtering machinerys, good service and excellent cost performance. Welcome domestic and overseas customers to visit and order! 

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